Monday Motivation Badge Set

Set the mundane aside and be cool again. Revive your closet with just a set of awesome pins. Make your own super cool jacket, expressive tee, funky backpack, and even all of them with just a bunch of versatile badges. These are surely the key material for all your 03:00 AM ideas. Our Monday Motivation badge set was just made for this! 

BONUS! These badges are offered in a set of four. Each of them is detachable and can-do miracles on most items which are kinda old but still feel like gold. Say it out loud without even saying it, let these badges do what they are meant to do. We've made these badges to keep you inspired and chirpy. Let those great vibes flow! 

  • Size: 6 cm diameter
  • Palette: Aquamarine and white with hints of orange 
  • Finish: Glossy
  • Material: Lamination peel, paper, acrylic case and stainless steel for pin

These look best on different types of casual jackets and even more wonderful with ripped jackets. You can even put them on a basic tee for a quirky change. These are perfect for a statement crop top and even work with a shirred or ruffled top. Put them on a formal bag or backpack and you’re on with a baggage which would suddenly feel light. Believe us on this! These can do more than what we can mention. Pair them with a stylish pair of jeans for an even cooler look. If you're looking for some jeans, browse here!

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