Dazzle Skinny Original Ice Blue High Waist Jeans

Our dazzle skinny original ice blue high waist jeans are made to give you a dazzling look! They fit your waist perfectly while keeping the fit contoured to your body. They have great stretch and a classy fit, and are meant to hug you like your own skin. The silhouette has been kept simple and plain, but we've added an awesome dazzled detail at the hem that gives it a totally new look.     


  • Composition: 97% cotton blend, 3% elastane
  • Type: Woven
  • Features: Super light weight, soft feel and amazing stretch


  • Mild bleached ice blue finish
  • Rinse wash


  • Matching colour poly-blend thread


  • Brand: Madish
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Colour: Antique brass
  • Size: 18 mm


  • Brand: YKK YZiP® or equivalent
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Colour: Golden brass
  • Size: 4YG


  • Brand and size tag on the inside of the waistband
  • Length: 34 inches / 94 cm
  • Folded at the hem
  • Secured hem
  • Layered with stunning shiny beads and stones
  • Belt Loops: 05
  • Pockets: 05
    • Two back pockets
    • Two front pockets
    • Small coin pocket
  • Button closure with a fly
  • Nicely finished hem

Note: Hand wash only.

These dazzle jeans are made to put your same old skinnies to rest. What’s new is their awesome high waist design with beads and stones at the hem. When these jeans are worn with crop tops, and a bunch of accessories, they will turn you into a classy fashionista. Go minimal or keep it traditional, these trendy jeans will work well. Wear a blazer, a scarf of just plain high heels; they'll all add to your look. It's time for new! We've also handmade a great collection of high heels for you. Check them out here

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