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August 01, 2018 1 min read

Wide-leg pants are in, I repeat, wide leg-pants are in!

The style is great for a casual day at the office; or you can edge it up with a leather jacket and you're ready for the weekend! Say goodbye to your tight skinny pants, and say hello to comfort!


  • Because boring isn't very fun. Ha! Too much? Okay, but seriously...Personal style is supposed to be fun to experiment with and these pants are a perfect way to try! You don't have to break the bank either. I have linked several pants that are under 1799or under and my guess is that you already have a shirt in your closet that you could style with them
  • This look is versatile. It could be worn as workwear, to happy hour, to a casual holiday event, or even a girls night out. Possibly a conference or other social event as well.
  • This is a true #bosslady look. These pants will make you walk like you own the place and people will believe you do with these on.
  • This is a true statement piece. Wide leg pants have been on a trend before, are trending now, and honestly, they will come back again. Don't you love how everything comes full circle???
  • Because ARE skinny pants really that comfortable?! I mean...gimme some leg room, here!!! These pants are it.