Dare to Flare

July 21, 2018 1 min read

Wearing high waist flared jeans could remind you of being stuck in the 70s but they are kind of making a comeback this year too. For years now we’ve been stuck on the skinny jeans and although I LOVE a skinny jean more than anything, sometimes it is nice to switch. 

As style cycles around, it always catches you at a different period in your life and gives you a chance to wear it in new ways, paired with new styles. You may still be on the fence with high waist flare jeans, but here are two reasons why you need a pair.. 

1. Adds instant length to your legs, and a lot of it! Pair with heels for a few freebie inches.

2. Adding a new silhouette to your wardrobe will keep your looks current and fresh – we all rely on those skinny jeans too much.

If you want to start looking at some before finishing this article, check them out here.. :-) 

At Madish, we keep bringing awesome products, be it jeans or tops, high waist jeans or low waist jeans.. like all the time! Do keep checking in from time to time for our latest trends and keep rocking that party.